How to Grow Taller Using Pills: The Missing Manual

Different pills for different problems exist. Some of them are for those who are unhappy with their height, helping them to grow taller. For these people, taking pills for increasing the height can make them more attractive, and also have more confidence and success.

However, pills that they can take to grow taller are not the same. Some of them are known to work, while others are known to produce no results. Going for the right product is essential not only to obtain the desired effect but also to avoid wasting money as well as encountering problems along the way.

So, how can you grow taller using pills? Choosing one from the various pills for height increase in the market is the first step to take. Following the directions for use is important to obtain the desired effects as well as keep risks at bay. Informing a doctor about taking these pills is a must most especially if a medical condition is around.

Pills that promote growth are not cut from the same cloth. Some contain natural ingredients only, while others have human-made ones. Whether coming from nature or inside a laboratory, one thing is true: there are potential side effects and risks that come with the intake of these pills.

This is the reason why being careful is critical when taking them. Also, it is a must to consider the pros and cons of taking pills versus going for other ways to increase the height.

If you believe that taking pills for height increase is the best way to turn the height of your dreams into a reality, read on.

Below you will learn about some of the most important matters that you need to know about growing taller with the help of pills that are for increasing your height.

Reason Why Many Prefer Taking Pills for Growth

Truth be told, there are lots of ways to grow taller without the intake of pills. People who are no longer in their puberty stage can benefit from taking them as the growth plates of their long bones are not working anymore.

However, they can also try some natural ways to grow taller, many of which have worked amazingly for some.

Some of the steps that may encourage height increase include:

  • Playing certain sports such as basketball and volleyball
  • Consuming foods with nutrients that are known to promote height increase
  • Getting plenty of high-quality sleep for increasing growth hormones
  • Performing exercises that help elongate the spine
  • Maintaining proper posture at all times

There are many things that those who want to grow taller can do. Unfortunately, many feel that these solutions need a lot of time and effort, thus keeping them from having their dream height quickly and effortlessly.

This is exactly the reason why a lot of people who are not content with their height choose to pop pills for height increase in their mouths instead. For them, nothing can be simpler than swallowing pills that guarantee more inches.

With so many options to choose from, they can’t run out of pills to try until they come across something that really works and can make them taller individuals.

Various Pills for Growth to Choose From

As mentioned above, there are lots of pills for growth to choose from. This is especially true in this day and age when social media makes it quite clear what attractive people should look like — having flawless skin, pouty lips, tiny waist, and being tall.

While more and more people are looking for products that can make them grow taller, more and more manufacturers are coming up with pills that consumers may give a try.

Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known pills in the current market that can promote growth:

  • Human growth hormone. In the human body, it is the pituitary gland in the brain that manufactures growth hormones. Outside the human body, laboratories are the ones that create growth hormones. Needless to say, human growth hormone pills contain synthetic growth hormones. Other than individuals who wish to grow taller, these pills are also for those who are into weight loss and bodybuilding. That’s because aside from the bones, growth hormones help muscles grow bigger, too.
  • Testosterone. Both men and women have testosterone in their bodies. However, men have more of them than women. It’s because of this why men are more muscular, hairier, and taller. Testosterone comes from the testes in males and the ovaries in females, although the adrenal glands of men and women also produce some of it. On the other hand, testosterone that manufacturers of height-increasing pills use comes from test tubes. Some of the people who take testosterone supplements include bodybuilders and those with low libido.
  • Ashwagandha. Also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, ashwagandha is a staple herb in the world of Ayurveda, which is a traditional form of medicine that originated in India at least 5,000 years ago. Ashwagandha is popular among consumers who are not happy with their height. Unlike supplements that we have talked about thus far, ashwagandha is 100% natural. By the way, it offers many other benefits, too. Some of them are lowered stress, lifted mood, reduced blood sugar, and decreased risk of cancer.
  • Different herbs. Other than ashwagandha, many other herbs help promote growth, especially in people who are past their teenage or puberty stage. A lot of them come from Ayurveda as well as traditional Chinese healing. Some popular examples are spirulina, asparagus, guggul, guduchi, asphaltum, and amla. Some of today’s herbal pills for height increase contain a blend of different herbs that work with one another in promoting growth, say their manufacturers.
  • Calcium and vitamin D. Everyone knows that calcium is essential for keeping the bones strong. This is why this nutrient is a popular nutrient for height increase. Most calcium supplements available today come with vitamin D. That’s because vitamin D is essential for the proper absorption of calcium. Without vitamin D, calcium may end up leaving the body through the urine. To keep that from happening, the addition of vitamin D to calcium supplements is done to make sure that calcium ends up nowhere else but in the bones.
  • Various nutrients. Other than calcium and vitamin D that promotes its proper absorption by the bones, many other nutrients can promote height increase, too. One of them is phosphorous. According to scientists, this nutrient is important for maximizing the ability of calcium to strengthen the bones. B vitamins, experts say, are also essential for encouraging the body to grow taller. In growing children and teens, both vitamins A and C are major role players in promoting growth.
  • Proprietary ingredients. Some manufacturers of pills for growth use their own ingredients instead of herbs and nutrients. Most of the time, the ingredients they use are human-made, although they may use substances obtained from nature in making them. Usually, it is easy to tell if an ingredient is proprietary or not. For instance, the first letters are capitalized. It also comes with the letter R in a circle, which stands for “patented.” Manufactures oftentimes mention that the ingredients they use are proprietary.

There is never a shortage of pills for growth to choose from. Knowing which are safe and can work effectively is of utmost importance.

Considerations When Taking Pills for Height Increase

When shopping for pills for promoting growth, consumers should focus not only on the effectiveness of products. It is also a must to consider their safety.

This is especially true for pills that contain man-made ingredients as a lot of them are notorious for producing side effects due to compatibility issues with the normal human body chemistry.

It doesn’t mean that pills with natural ingredients only are free of side effects. The fact is that they may also produce side effects, especially if they are taken excessively or with other supplements or medicine.

This is the reason why it is a must to carefully follow the directions of the manufacturer on how to take their products. It can be tempting to take pills for growth in high doses for the results to take effect quicker.

However, this can cause nasty side effects and even put the health in some form of danger. Again, it is important to read the manufacturer’s directions thoroughly and also follow them carefully.

Someone who has a known medical condition and is taking prescription drugs should first consult his or her doctor to make sure that the intake of pills for growth won’t cause problems with the health.

Related Questions

How fast do pills for height increase work? Some manufacturers claim that the increase in height can take place in as quickly as six months. However, it will still depend on how the consumer’s body will respond to the ingredients.

Is it safe to take pills for growth forever to maintain the effects? No, it’s not safe to take pills that promote height increase for life as some of the ingredients may accumulate in the body and cause serious problems to come into being.

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