Does Losing Weight Make You Look Taller? Why Or Why Not?

Creating the illusion that you are taller can be done in many ways. Some of them include wearing clothes with vertical stripes, sporting a high hairstyle, standing up straight, and putting on a pair of elevator shoes.

Perhaps you have heard or read that losing weight is another thing that you may do to appear taller than you are. In other words, slimming down not only eliminates flab but also gets rid of your insecurity about your height.

Losing weight can make a person look taller for two reasons. First, with weight reduction spine becomes decompressed, which results in extra inches. Second, it is easier to have a proper posture while being slimmer and help one to appear taller after weight loss.

Especially if you are both short and overweight, you can benefit a lot from losing weight. It can help deal with problems that many people may be ridiculing you about.

There are many reasons why getting rid of unwanted pounds can make you look taller and really make you taller. Keep on reading to know what they are. By the time that you reach the end of this article, chances are you will be convinced that losing weight can make you a taller person.

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Body Parts Look Shorter If You’re Overweight

One of the main reasons why losing weight can make you look taller is that it makes your various body parts look longer. For instance, it can make your neck look longer.

Have you seen a tall person with a short neck? You have probably not because every tall person on the planet has a long neck that everybody finds attractive.

Aside from your neck, your arms and legs will also look longer if you get rid of excess pounds. One of the reasons why the best NBA players are very good at playing basketball is that they have long legs that allow them to run faster and jump higher.

They also have long arms that enable them to shoot the ball through the hoop better. By making your limbs appear longer as a result of weight reduction, people will assume that you are taller.

The more pounds you drop, the taller you will seem. It’s because of this why people may tell you that not only you look better but also taller after shedding off a lot of unwanted pounds.

Unnecessary Weight Can Weigh A Person Down

While looking for ways to grow taller naturally on the internet, perhaps you have come across the suggestion that you should maintain proper posture at all times. That’s because it allows you to straighten your spine, which then creates the illusion that you are taller.

However, it’s not all about creating an illusion. Having proper posture can, in fact, make you taller, and we will talk about it in a few — so make sure that you don’t stop reading now!

It can be extremely challenging to keep your posture correct all the time if you are overweight. This is especially true since a lot of your excess pounds are concentrated more in the midsection.

According to health experts, more fat cells are capable of growing in your belly, hips, buttocks, and thighs. This is why they are the ones that tend to get bigger first.

Getting rid of unwanted pounds makes excess fat in the midsection go away. When that happens, you will find it easier to keep your spine straight, shoulders pulled backward, and neck elongated.

Poor Posture Is Caused by Having Low Self-Confidence

It’s not just having lots of fat cells in the midsection that can promote poor posture. The fact that being overweight can decrease your self-confidence can also keep you from having proper posture.

Poor posture make look shorter

Having bad posture if you are a short person is a complete no-no. It’s because it can make your already short spine look shorter. On the other hand, sitting down and standing up straight can create the illusion that you are taller than you really are.

If your reason for having poor posture is that you feel you are inferior compared to others because you are overweight, then it’s a good idea to slim down to help increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, too.

Failure to maintain proper posture can create a vicious cycle that can negatively affect your height. The more you slouch, the smaller you will appear.

And the smaller you appear, the lower your self-confidence will become, and this can make you slouch more because you don’t want people to see you.

Being Overweight Causes the Spine to be Compressed

Have you come across a natural height-increasing tip in which performing stretching exercises is recommended?

Well, it works because it allows the spine to become decompressed. You could be taller than you really are, but gravity is causing the discs in between the bones of your spine to shrink, thus causing your spine to shorten.

If you are overweight, the compression of your spine worsens. That’s because your spine shortens not only because of gravity but also the pressure your excess pounds apply to it.

Especially in the middle and at the end of the day, you may be at your shortest because of the effect of both gravity and your weight on your spine. It’s due to this why it is recommended for you to slim down if you are overweight and short, too.

Without excess pounds, much of the compression of your spine is only due to gravity. You will find it easier to combat its effect on your height by doing stretching exercises such as yoga and swimming, as well as sleeping on your back.

Other Benefits of Dropping Excess Pounds

Based on the facts stated above, it’s evident that you can look taller if you get rid of your excess pounds. However, it’s not just your appearance that will improve, but also your overall health.

There are many physical health benefits to enjoy for slimming down if you are overweight. One of them is a lowered risk for heart disease, which is the number one issue on the planet.

Another is type 2 diabetes, which is a disease with no known cure. The problem with diabetes is that there are many complications that may stem from it, especially if you fail to put it under control. Health experts confirm that certain types of cancer may be blamed on obesity.

It’s not just your physical health that will benefit but also your mental health. That’s because obese people are prone to experiencing depression and anxiety, mental health professionals say.

Just Before You Start Trying to Lose Weight

Especially if you want to boost the effects of other height-increasing methods, it’s a good idea to shed off excess pounds if you are overweight.

This can make your neck and limbs look longer, encourage you to maintain proper posture, and prevent your spine from unnecessary compression. Losing weight not only makes you look taller.

It can make you a taller person, too, because of its effect on your posture and spine.

The best way to lose weight is by means of eating healthily and exercising regularly. If you have a medical condition, make sure that you consult your doctor about how to safely get rid of your excess pounds.

Related Questions

Does being overweight actually make me shorter?

Being overweight can, in fact, make one shorter. That’s because obesity is a risk factor for osteoporosis, a disease that can make the bones soft and the spine short. Additionally, extra weight causes the spine to be compressed.

Does being overweight in my teens stunt my growth?

One may fail to reach his or her full height potential when being overweight. Such can be blamed on unhealthy eating habits and hormonal imbalance, too.


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