What to Do If Your Girlfriend is Taller Than You

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Give yourself a pat on the back for having a girlfriend who is taller than you. That’s because you have just broken the stereotype that a man should be taller than a woman, especially if they are in a relationship.

If you were able to break such a belief that everyone needs to forget once and for all, then it’s for certain that you can have more achievements in life.

However, still, you may feel insecure from time to time, especially when the two of you are in public because some people might think that your girlfriend deserves someone else, such as a boyfriend who is taller than her.

Well, keep on reading to learn about some of the things that you may do for you to feel better each time.

So, what can you do if your girlfriend is taller than you? Wearing shoes that can add inches to your height can help to reduce the gap between your height and that of your girlfriend. Similarly, you may ask her to refrain from putting on high heels. However, the best thing to do is simply tell yourself that love is all that matters and nothing else.

Breaking up with your girlfriend and replacing her with a girl who is shorter than you is definitely not a solution. This is most especially true if the two of you love one another.

With such being the case, it’s very much likely that your girlfriend does not mind that you’re shorter than her — she probably loves everything about you, and that includes your height, and that’s why she’s willing to be your girlfriend in the first place.

But if you still can’t help but wish that she’s not taller than you, don’t stop reading now. Below are some of the steps that you may take in order to look shorter than your girlfriend, thus making you feel more confident and masculine when in public.

Mind What You Wear on Your Feet

Forget those pills, capsules, and elixirs that promise to make you a taller person. That’s because they do not work — the only thing they’re good at is stealing your money and not giving you anything in return. What’s more, a lot of them contain questionable ingredients that may put your health in jeopardy.

If you want to look taller when standing right next to your tall girlfriend, wear the right shoes. Nowadays, you can choose from a couple of options when it comes to increasing your height by means of your footwear:

Elevator shoes

Just like what the name suggests, elevator shoes are shoes that elevate you. They work because the part of the insole that’s located under your heel is thicker than usual.

What’s so nice about elevator shoes is that they can make you taller anywhere from 2 to 5 inches!

So if your girlfriend is 5″8′ inches tall and you’re only 5″5′ tall, putting on elevator shoes that add 5 inches to your height can make you 2 inches taller than your girlfriend instantly!

Height increasing insoles

While effective, the problem with elevator shoes is that they cost more than regular shoes.

What’s more, if you want to be taller than your girlfriend all the time, you will need to get your hands on different pairs to make sure that there’s a pair that you can wear for every occasion.

The good news is that there are alternatives to elevator shoes, and they’re called height increasing insoles — you just have to place them inside your shoes! Sadly, these special insoles can only add up to a couple of inches to your height.

The good news is that you may simply insert them inside shoes with heels for the best results.


Tell Her to Stay Away From High Heels

Other than wearing elevator shoes or placing height increasing insoles in your regular shoes, there is another way to deal with the height difference between you and your girlfriend: asking her to avoid wearing high heels.

Currently, stilettos can add up to 8 inches to a woman’s height.

If your girlfriend is taller than you and she is fond of wearing shoes with incredibly lengthy heels, then it’s for certain that you will look a lot shorter when standing right next to her in public — and it’s for sure that it will make you lose even more confidence and masculinity.

This is why asking your girlfriend to avoid wearing high heels can help to solve your height-related problem.

This solution, unfortunately, is not as simple as it may seem. For instance, this may hurt the relationship if your girlfriend is a trendy woman, and she’s not happy with you telling her which shoes to wear.

Also, she may feel less beautiful and confident if you ask her to avoid putting on high heels that can make her legs look slimmer and longer.

More importantly, your girlfriend may have the impression that you are trying to change her instead of accepting her fully, just like her accepting you completely despite being shorter than her!

Congratulations if she’s willing to turn her back on stilettos just to make you feel better. But if she refuses to stick to flat shoes all the time, make sure that you keep on reading this article for the sake of the relationship.

Accept That Your Girlfriend is Taller

Instead of changing your height by wearing elevator shoes or height increasing insoles as well as changing the height of your girlfriend by begging her to stop wearing high heels, why not just accept the fact that your girlfriend is taller than you?

Clearly, this is a solution that won’t hurt your girlfriend’s feelings and the relationship, too.

There are many reasons why you should feel very happy and confident that your girlfriend is taller than you, and here are some of those that you should always keep in your mind:

  • World-famous supermodels are tall. That’s because today’s society finds them very attractive. Well, this only means that your girlfriend is also deemed attractive by everyone because she is tall. You should be very happy that your girlfriend is a beautiful supermodel in her own right!
  • Your kids are not going to hate you. Because you are short, there is a huge possibility that your children will also be short. The only way to keep that from happening is by having babies with a tall woman such as your girlfriend! If you cannot stand having a tall girlfriend and future wife, just do it for your future kids.
  • She probably loves you very much. It’s very much likely for tall girls to go for men who are taller than them. That’s because it will make them more feminine. However, your tall girlfriend went for you instead of a taller guy — she doesn’t mind feeling less feminine for as long as she’s with you.
  • People will think that you’re rich. Whether we admit it or not, we always assume that a short guy with a tall and girlfriend is rich. Well, this is what people think about you each time they spot you and your tall girlfriend in public. You may not be really rich, but it doesn’t matter because everyone will think that you are!

As you can see, there are many reasons for you to simply live with the fact that your girlfriend is taller than you. So the next time that you’re on a date with her be very proud of yourself for a job well done!

Just Before You Go

There are some things that you may do if your girlfriend is taller than you, such as wearing elevator shoes or inserting height increasing soles in regular shoes.

However, you may also try a cost-free solution, and that’s simply accepting wholeheartedly that you have a tall girlfriend. It’s actually a good thing provided that you look at the situation from the right angle. Besides, if the two of you really love one another, then it shouldn’t matter who between the two of you is taller.

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