What Height Do Girls Like?

height girls like

If you’re a man who is very conscious of his height, then you may feel anxious or frustrated when looking for a date.

Whether you prefer finding Miss Right using dating apps or sites or in the traditional way of looking for them at bars, restaurants, supermarkets, fitness gyms, and public transportation, you may not feel fully confident that girls will like you because you do not meet their height requirements.

Well, keep on reading if you would like to know more about how important is a guy’s height to a woman.

So, what height do girls like? Women in the US usually go for guys that are close to 6 feet tall. It’s not unlikely for them to find men who are between 5″10′ and 6″5′ attractive. Some girls, however, say that men who are at least a couple of inches taller than them are also worthy of their attention.

Take note that personal preference is still a very important factor when it comes to what height girls like in men.

There are women, for instance, who don’t mind dating men who are the same height as them.

As a matter of fact, there are those, too, who find it okay to be with guys who are shorter than them!

The bottom line is that you, a man who is looking for a date, should not worry that much about your height because not all girls out there are cut from the same cloth — there are women who focus on some other things in guys than how tall they stand.

Being Tall Has Both Pros and Cons

You may think that life is unfair for someone like you who feels inadequate when it comes to height. This is most especially true if you are looking for a date, and it seems like you’re not getting any at all.

Worry not because practically all guys undergo the very same thing. Well, to be exact those that are shorter and taller than average.

Clearly, there are many perks that come with being a tall guy. Especially when it comes to dating, one of the pros is none other than women who are looking for Mister Right will come to you.

It’s clear that being tall is synonymous with being confident and successful, both of which are attractive features. However, according to some experts, women prefer tall men without really knowing why.

Perhaps it’s because, in our society that gives more emphasis on what’s on the outside rather than what’s on the inside, couples should consist of men that are taller than women.

If you think that being as tall as an NBA player revered for his incredible stature will get you tons of girls, better think again. A lot of women actually steer clear of really tall guys for a wide variety of reasons.

One of them is the fact that it can be awkward to hug and kiss them. Then they should always put up with wearing really tall heels when going out with their men to keep them from looking like kids.

Shopping for gifts during special occasions can be a problem, too, as it can be challenging to find shoes that will fit their big feet and pants that will cover their long legs.

Believe it or not, some women out there find short guys irresistible. For them, their boyfriends will forever look adorable.

Dating short guys is also ideal for women who tend to be jealous all the time because they believe that not a lot of girls out there will have an interest in snatching them.

Too Tall is Too Much for Some

According to a survey performed back in 2014, the answer to the question what “What Height Do Girls Like?” is 5″11′.

And if you would like to know the ideal height of a girl, i.e., what height do guys like, the same survey says that it’s 5″6′.

If truth be told, some of the participating women in the said survey say that they do not mind dating guys who are 5″4′ tall. However, they add that dating a man who is shorter than that is just too uncomfortable.

Then there is the matter about dating men that are way too tall for them. Earlier, we mentioned that most women are willing to date males who are as tall as 6 feet and 5 inches tall.

Unfortunately for those who are taller than that, they may make for excellent NBA players, especially if they have incredible basketball skills.

Still, the fact is a lot of women rarely prefer dating guys that are several times taller than average and slightly above average height.

Knowing Where You Stand Exactly

By now, your confidence levels may be already increased upon knowing that not all women go for tall guys — some of them are willing to be romantically involved with men of the same height and even those who are shorter than them.

In other words, being short doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world for a guy who is looking for a date.

Having a much better idea of whether or not your height is good enough can help to make you feel confident further.

The presence of sufficient amounts of confidence can actually eliminate the need for you to rely heavily on your physical attributes to win the hearts of women.

For instance, you may not have the most muscular body or bluest eye color on the face of the planet, but feeling really confident can still make you so desirable.

If you’re standing at 5″5′, it’s true that you are below average height, which is 5″9′.

Note, however, that there are gals out there who are just 5 feet tall or even shorter. For them, your height is awesome!

The same is true if you’re just 5″7′ tall. If you wondering if 5″7′ is too short for a guy — your height is definitely closer to what is considered as average, especially for a woman couple of inches shorter than you.

Just because you have a frame that stands 6″ tall doesn’t mean that all the women on the planet will find your height desirable.

While it’s true that a tall girl would prefer going out on a date with a tall guy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all women go for guys with above-average height.

Always bear in mind that height difference is a determining factor when it comes to what height in males girls find preferable.

The Takeaway

When it comes to dating, having nice physical attributes counts. This is true whether you prefer to hook up by means of more traditional ways or through today’s numerous dating apps or sites.

It’s for this reason exactly why so many men are lying about their height on their dating profiles.

However, as we have discussed above, just because you are not a tall guy doesn’t mean right away that your dating life will suck.

Some girls out there don’t mind going out with guys who are just as tall as them or, in some instances, even shorter than them. Needless to say, it is very much possible for short guys to break stereotypes.

Don’t forget the importance of having some non-physical characteristics or traits that women, in general, find attractive in men.

Sense of humor, intelligence, compassion, being a good listener, and having ambitions are some of those that girls find irresistible in men.

Have these traits and others, too, and you can be sure that gals will stick around once they get to know you!

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