Lying About Height on Dating Apps

lying about height on dating site

If you are using a dating app, you know how important it is to have an impressive profile. Chances are your profile says that you are taller than your actual height if you are not blessed vertically.

No one can blame you for doing so because everybody knows that being tall is a physical trait that can make a person look more attractive and confident.

But should you lie on your profile just to make sure that you will get matches?

If you are looking for a casual conversation online, then it doesn’t really matter if you lie about your height, especially if you have no intention of the two of you meeting in person.

Feel free to say that you stand 6 feet tall when in fact you’re just a little over 5 feet because you can just keep on lying about your height for as long as the two of you are just talking over the internet via a dating app.

However, it is a completely different matter if your reason for using a dating app is to have a serious relationship sooner or later.

Lying about your height may only leave you as well as the other person whose trust you already won feeling shattered when the two of you meet in person.

Nothing can leave your date feeling betrayed more than realizing that you’ve been lying about your height from the very beginning.

Even though it can put an end to a beautiful relationship even before it’s been given a chance to bloom, lying about your height on a dating app also comes with certain benefits.

Are you interested in knowing some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of lying about your height? Then don’t stop reading now!

Pros of Lying About Your Height

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider lying about your height on your profile:

Owning an impressive profile

Everyone knows that having a profile that stands out is a definite must. One way to do that is by telling everybody that you stand taller than most other individuals.

Needless to say, adding a couple of inches to your height on your dating app profile can make it so much easier for you to have a lot of potential dates.

Coming up with a dating profile that’s attractive is a must if you want to attract potential dates.

Feeling more confident

When it comes to meeting potential dates by means of dating apps, nothing can increase your chance of winning attention more than being confident.

Stating that you’re taller than you really are can boost your confidence level significantly, thus allowing you to engage in conversations so much better.

Experts confirm that confidence allows you to draw people towards you.

Having more chances of meeting tall women

There’s a bunch of reasons why a lot of men love dating tall women.

Some of them include the fact that tall women look more attractive and confident, plus when it comes to having babies, their children are likely to be taller than other kids.

Especially if you’re short and into dating women who are taller than you, lying about your height can work to your advantage.

Note, however, that the perks of lying about your height may all vanish instantly the moment your date sees you in person.

But still, you may also reap success, especially if your other features could make up for your short stature and also lying about it on dating apps.

Cons of Lying About Your Height

Let’s check out some of the unfavorable things that may result from not stating your real height on dating apps:

Being really guilty

Because of your fake height, you may attract a lot of people. And this may lead to building relationships with them even without meeting them in person.

It is very much possible for you to feel guilty once people gave their complete trust to you.

This can leave you with sleepless nights.

You may also have a difficult time looking for excuses or ways to apologize for lying when it’s time to meet in person.

Turning into a pathological liar

You might think that saying height is the exact height women prefer is just a white lie. However, it can easily escalate into telling more lies on your profile in order to get more matches.

Sooner or later your entire profile might end up as a big lie, and eventually more and more people will discover the fact that you do not have the ability to state facts.

Losing potential relationships

Whether you like it or not, physical appearance matters a lot when making first impressions.

But when people find out that you are shorter than what your profile says, they may no longer want to get to know you better.

And that’s a bummer, especially if you know you’re smart and you have a great sense of humor.

It’s important to note that the disadvantages of lying about your height could be replaced with a bunch of positive things in the long run.

As an example, it may encourage you to improve other things about you to ensure that you have a backup just in case you get busted.

Height Verification on Dating Sites

All men lie about their height, and you are probably lying if you’re a man, and you say you don’t stretch out the truth when it comes to your stature.

This is something that could hurt all parties in terms of finding dates, including those that you are trying to go out with as well as the app itself.

It’s for this reason exactly why Tinder, which is considered as the godfather of dating apps, is introducing a height verification feature that makes it possible for honest men to prove that what they’re saying about their height is true.

Tinder height verfication

Put simply, this height verification feature is as simple as uploading a photo of you right next to a commercial building.

By means of a database containing the measurements of several different buildings, it’s possible for Tinder to know whether the height you put on your profile is, in fact, correct or just a tall tale.

Once proven that you are stating the truth, Tinder will then place a badge on your profile.

Just like anything else on the face of the planet, there are pros and cons to having the said badge.

It can work to your advantage because everyone will know right away that you’re an honest person among liars who do not wish to have their height verified by Tinder.

For a lot of people who are on the hunt for romantic partners, honesty is a big plus as it’s an important ingredient for a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

However, it can also come with a few downsides, too. For instance, you may never have the chance to get to know people who find being tall as an important matter in their dates.

You may also be tempted to exaggerate your profile, such as having a better job or a being younger than your actual age in order to make up for your verified height.

The Takeaway

Lying about your height on dating sites can come with both pros and cons. At the end of the day, it is up to you whether or not you should put your actual height on your profile.

Just make sure that you are willing to go through the consequences of stating a lie on your profile should the truth come out one day.

Here’s a nice piece of advice for you to follow if you’re not blessed with impressive height, and you are looking for a relationship that could last for a lifetime:

If you don’t want for your height to interfere with your dating life, consider not mentioning it on your profile.

You may start talking about it once the person has found out that you have tons of amazing things to offer, thus making your stature completely irrelevant.

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